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Your First Visit 

To save time when you arrive, and get you in to see the therapist faster, we encourage you to Download Our New Patient Forms:


  • Patient Registration Form
  • PTC Self Assesssment Revised
  • PTC Patient Medical Records Release


 and complete prior to your first visit.

Please bring the following items with you to your first visit:

  • Your signed written prescription from your physician
  • Your driver's license
  • Your insurance card
  • Your co-payment or co-insurance
  • Your completed pre-registration forms, if you have them

Your billing questions will be answered by our friendly, patient, highly trained billing staff, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding your bill, from your balance to your insurance coverage.

We do accept most insurances, including Workers' Compensation and Auto Insurance Claims.

At every visit, you should wear or bring with you loose, comfortable attire in which you can move freely. This may be shorts, sweatpants, tennis shoes, a loose shirt such as a t-shirt, a tank top for shoulder evaluations and therapy.

During your initial visit, your physical therapist will take your history and conduct a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your problem and symptoms.

He/she will discuss your injury or problem at length, observe your posture and biomechanics, test your range of motion and joint mobility, and check your soft tissue to determine the cause of pain or disability. Your physical therapist will then develop a customized treatment plan with short and long term goals.

Depending on your diagnosis, as well as the treatment recommendation of your physician and therapist, you can expect to be in therapy for 1-2 hours per visit, with the first visit being the longest visit.

Driving Directions

Coming from the south: Take I-75 to the M-59 exit east to Rochester Rd. Take Rochester Rd. North approximately 3 miles and you will come to Avon Rd. Go past Avon and you will see several car dealerships on your right. Move into the left lane when you see the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign. Turn left onto Cloverport street which is between the KFC and our facility. The Physical Therapy Center is a small red brick building on the north corner of Rochester Rd and Cloverport street. The sign on the side of the building says Gentle PT/Feldenkrais. Turn right into the driveway and there is parking behind the building. The building is located on the hill on the way into the downtown area of Rochester.

Coming from the west: Take Walton (also called University) to get to Rochester Rd. To south on Rochester Rd and go through the downtown area of Rochester. As you pass over the bridge and leave town you will see the Physical Therapy Center (small red brick building) on the right side just before the KFC. Turn right on Cloverport Street and then turn right again into the parking lot.

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